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Take It to the Next Level

with the FireFit-for-LIFE Program!


With Firefit-for-Life we always find a way. Not an excuse.

Change doesn’t start in the kitchen. It doesn’t start in the gym. Change starts with your mindset and self-talk.

That’s why I made the decision to start Firefit-for-Life!

The truth of the matter is you're probably not as far off from success as you think.

What is holding you back?

What is the missing link?

Here's a fact:   I can give you all the tips in the world about nutrition, training, flexibility and recovery...  but you first have to get your life right. 

And that's what Firefit-for-Life is all about.

If you want to be the "fittest firefighter" you can possibly be, then, recognize it all starts "upstairs" in your head.  Mindset.  Without this, nothing else matters.

The Best Laid Plans...

I know.  You probably already have "the perfect plan."   Well let’s talk about that.

You know what you need to do.  In fact, you may have spent hours developing this plan in perfect detail.

But, as we're often reminded, life is not always predictable.


  • Something happens to your body that puts you on the sidelines.
  • A family crisis curtails all activities.
  • Or, as crazy as it sounds, a virus spreads around the world forcing you to stay indoors for over a year!


The point is this:  Unexpected things happen!

Sometimes, "life" gets in the way -- and things don't go as planned.

That’s the whole point of Firefit-for-Life!  We are flexible.

From a micro scale of being stuck in traffic and not making it to the gym...  right up to the major things happening in your life.

THIS is what defines whether you will be successful or not.

Positive Mindset - The Secret Sauce!


This program is all about working together in order to objectively assess your situation.  We don't ignore anything.  There's no denial.

On the other hand, we don’t allow life issues or problems to become bigger than they actually are.

Instead, with my help and coaching, you'll learn how to accept your particular circumstances -- and how best to navigate them.

The Secret Sauce of Firefit-for-Life is our partnership (you and me) and our combined commitment to:

  • Stay focused on the outcome
  • Navigate all negative situations 
  • Find a way, not an excuse

The Missing Link

The Firefit for Life Program is all about personalization and individual, one-on-one coaching.  Among firefighters, athletes and all high performing individuals, this type of physical, mental and emotionally focused training is the missing link between success and "I almost made it."

Once you enroll in the Firefit-for-Life Program, you instantly become part of a community of positive first responders - just like you.  We are from all over the world --  all helping each other get fitter, healthier and stronger.

There's a reason for this program's popularity.  Firefit-for-Life will change YOUR LIFE!

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What You'll Receive...

  • Individual Custom Exercise Plan:

    Once you enroll, we will speak over the phone or Zoom (your choice) and discuss your goals, what you are trying to accomplish, problems you are trying to solve, injuries you have or are recovering from and the direction in which you wish to head. Then we develop your plan!

  • Personalized Nutrition Plan:

    It’s easy for me to give the basics to someone in my clean eating program. But no diet in the world is perfect for everyone. So once again we talk and I'll learn how you're eating now and how we can change your eating patterns if necessary.  Together we'll design a custom eating plan (with foods you like to eat) to help you get closer to the goal at hand.

  • Private Sessions:

    Each and every month you will have a private one-on-one Zoom Meeting with me.  During each session we'll cover any questions or concerns you may have. Then, based on your input, we'll "bang-out" a plan for the next 30 days.  This session, alone, is worth the cost of the entire program!

  • Daily Motivation:

    With my "Morning Coffee Program" I send to you a "motivational text" every single day. Again, it's all about "mindset" so these motivational text messages are designed to get you in the mood for a great day -- every day!

  • Super Customized Just for YOU:

    The FireFit-for-Life Program is ultimately YOUR program.  That's because it's completely designed around YOU -- from the ground up. 

    Once I discover WHO you are... your past... your present... your future goals --- we can begin the process of developing a customized plan specific to YOU.    

What You'll Achieve...!

  • Increased Strength and Power:

    The stronger you are the easier your life will become. You’ll have more strength to maneuver around or through tricky obstacles.  You'll be up and over anything in your way. You'll maintain a faster pace on air for a longer period of time. You will climb ladders faster and more importantly easier.  Strength and power are incredibly important to your firefighting career.

  • Improved Injury Prevention:

    When you are in top physical condition, you are less likely to injure yourself if (when) you fall.  That's because you'll have a lot more padding when you hit the ground. Your muscles are better prepared to hold your joints in place and prevent you from overextending.  The muscle you gain will help prevent pulled muscles, torn ligaments / tendons and broken bones.

  • More Flexibility:

    When training is performed properly you will improve your movement and flexibility. This will lead to better posture, better movement, less aches and pains - and you’ll find everyday movements much easier -- even for simple things such as bending down to pick something up off the floor.

    Exercises such as deep squats, full range press ups, overhead dumbbell presses, Romanian deadlifts and tons more, all promote full range of motion in your muscles. The personalized protocol of the FireFit-For-Life Program will teach you how to perform all kinds of movements properly... and specifically to the biomechanics of YOUR BODY.

  • Better Proprioception and Balance:

    Proprioception is your body’s ability to know where it is in space. Sport stars have great proprioception. Think of the downhill skier knowing precisely where to put his or her feet, hips and arms to nail a perfect turn.

    If you don’t know where your body is in space, it's difficult to move effectively in a tight spot in a fire.

    • Are your hips out or in?
    • Is your elbow up or down?
    • Is your heel dropped or flat?

    It's imperative to know exactly where your body is during a search.

    The training protocol included in the FireFit-for-Life Program gradually prepares your body to know exactly where it is in space - particularly the extremities like your hands and feet.

  • Stronger Bones and Joints:

    Weight training improves bone density. This gives you a lower risk of developing Arthritis and other joint/bone degenerative diseases. It also means if you jump off the truck and land funny, you are less likely to break a bone. It also slows down the degeneration of your bones as you age--  so they aren’t as brittle. 

  • Positive Mindset:

    All first-responders deal with some of the world's harshest tragedies and circumstances.  We know this going in.  Over time, however, it can beat you down -- mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually. This is exactly why the FireFit-For-Life Program is so effective.  We talk it out.  We work together, one-on-one, to ensure you maintain a positive mindset toward your tasks at hand, your career and your life. 

  • Improved Life Balance:

    From the fire house to your own family house - the FireFit-For-Life Program is designed around YOU as an individual -- and holistically around your entire life.

    That means we go BEYOND exercise and nutrition.  At our one-on-one sessions we'll discuss ALL of the challenges and obstacles you face in your daily life.   Then, we'll strategize on how to balance and prioritize the important things that result in you being the best you can possibly be!

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It Comes Down to THIS:

Are you looking for a coach who can possibly change your body?   Or, do you finally want an accomplished, experienced and credible coach who can change your life?

There is a reason Firefit-For-Life is our #1 program.  We change lives!

Try us for 30-days. You are not locked into a contract.  You can simply work with me one-month at a time and watch your life finally make the changes you always knew you could make.

You have nothing to lose and EVERYTHING TO GAIN!




Just $777/mth

Save $100/mth - Right Now!

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The Best Investment You'll Ever Make is YOU!

Brendan Dunn   -  D/C Retired Utica FD

"Steve understands that a firefighter will be called to perform physically difficult tasks, under demanding and punishing conditions. Steve has dedicated himself to the fire service, not to do what we do, but to prepare us for what we must do.

Steve understands our job, and how we must perform if we are to succeed.

If you’re entering the fire service, you need Steve in your corner. Don’t be like so many who show up ill equipped for the demands of a firefighter."

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Cody Lekutis - Firefighter

“Steve Nunno was encouraging, motivating, and very meticulous with his explanations and visuals to demonstrate proper technique and form.  He taught us everything that we would need to ensure a long and safe career. 

Steve worked with me to help achieve and even surpass my fitness goals, bringing me to levels I couldn’t have reached on my own. He put a strong emphasis on anatomy and how the body moves to get the most out of every workout while always keeping safety in mind.

I’m in the best shape on my life and I can’t thank Steve Nunno enough!”

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Lt. Dan Winn, Utica Fire Dept. 

"I’ve been in the fire service for almost twenty years.

When I turned 41 I realized I was going to have to do something if I was going to be able to keep working this job that I love at a high level.

Over the years I’ve seen how well Steve Nunno trains our new fire recruits and how physically fit they are when they finish our academy.

I talked to Steve about my problems and he had me sign up for his fire fit program. The fire fit program is like nothing I’ve ever done before.

I would like to tell all my brother and sister firefighters if you are either looking to stay in shape or just starting out and wanting to get in shape to work with Steve. He truly is one of the best."

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Just $777/mth

Save $100/mth - Right Now!

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