30-Day Fit Camp

Become the Best YOU... Ever!

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Two Things Can Happen in 30 Days....

  • You get committed and see some incredible results in the next 30-Days.

  • You do nothing and end up frustrated that another month slipped by.

Designed to Get YOU GOING!

I designed the 30-Day Fit Camp to help you get healthy on a simple and sustainable program that works with your busy schedule.  This program works wonders and has helped thousands of busy people just like you.  That's why the 30 day fit camp has been a staple since Day 1.

The Program

The 30-Day Fit Camp is clear, action-oriented and designed in a safe and efficient manner.  All you have to do is simply follow the day-to-day plan. The program is simple in design, yet, still achieves "killer results!"

Take it a day at a time.  Follow the plan.   You'll quickly discover this is not a time consuming program --  and, it's sustainable in that you can use it for much longer than 30 days. 

The 30-Day Fit Camp is the perfect plan to ignite the spark that will get the ball rolling and get out of any de-conditioned or boring rut you might be experiencing.   Let's go!


Are you ready to take the first step?

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Components of the 30-Day Fit Camp!

All of this:

  • Daily Workout Program

    Perfect for use at a commercial gym, studio or fitness center. 

  • The Famous Ladder 8

    I'll teach you my exclusive Ladder 8 Workout.   You can perform this workout at the gym, the firehouse or at home.

  • Specific Leg Workouts

    These are specific Leg Workouts you can perform at the gym, the firehouse or at home.

  • World Class Support

    You'll receive "hands-on" world class support from me, personally, to help you achieve your goals. 

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What You'll Receive...

  • Daily Emails:

    You'll receive daily emails from me explaining exactly what needs to be completed for the day!

  • Videos:

    You'll receive loads of videos demonstrating how to properly perform each exercise for maximum results. 

  • Tips & Tricks:

    All kinds of useful information will be in your hands... on how to become more energized, productive and free of stress!

  • Onboard 101:

    This is a complete, EZ-to-understand course that teaches you everything about losing weight and gaining overall health.

  • Private Facebook Group:

    You'll gain access to my private Facebook Group where you'll be able to interact with my entire fitness community!

  • Access (to me):

    That's right.  You'll have personal access to me, your coach and trainer, to answer questions and help you reach your goals!

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Motivation, Inspiration and Accountability from me, Steve Nunno, your Coach!

Just $111.