FireFit On-Demand

A Beautiful Simple Way to Work with Me

Introducing Firefit On-Demand!

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FireFit On-Demand

This is a complete, illustrated workout plan designed by me, Steve Nunno, allowing you to train with complete confidence!

I designed these visual workouts so that you can print or view on any device -- anytime you want!

These workout plans will hold you accountable and engaged with:

  • Interactive calendars
  • Progress charts
  • Direct messaging with me (Steve Nunno)

What Is FireFit On-Demand?

Although the On-Demand Workouts are not individually customized, these 30-Day Programs are time tested programs that I've used to personally help some of the top firefighters throughout the country to reach their goals! 


These are all individual 30-Day programs.  You can stay with a single program and keep progressing with more intense training.  Or, you can change from one program to another and try something new every 30 days! 

There are no contracts with these programs.   No obligation or commitment to any particular program.  

If you're not sure what program is best for you, just reach out to me.

I'll be happy to make a professional recommendation based on who YOU are and your desired goals.

Just CLICK or TAP HERE... 

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What You'll Receive...

Check it out!  You can choose between any of these incredible, results-oriented programs.  Plus, a ton of support material to help you achieve your goals. 

  • 30-Day Home Advantage:

    Beginner At-home workout.   Train 3X per week! No equipment necessary.

  • 30-Day Program Tabata Training:

    30 Individual Workouts- No equipment necessary.

  • 30-Day Rapid Fire:

    10-minute workouts each day! 30 individual workouts. No equipment necessary.

  • 30-Day Intro to Weightlifting

    Workout 3X per week.  Access to a commercial gym necessary.

  • 30-Day Ball and Dumbell Training:

     Five (5) days a week.  All you need is an exercise ball and some dumbbells

  • 30-Day Program Dumbell and Bench Workout:

    Train 5 days a week. All you need is an adjustable bench and some dumbbells.

  • 30-Day Program Kettlebell Program:

    Train 5 days a week - 3 days a week with kettlebells.

  • 30-Day The Incredible Bulk- Muscle Gainer Workout:

    Five (5) days a week! Access to a commercial gym necessary.

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