Category 1:

DE-CONDITIONED: This person has never trained or has not trained in a long time.  He could be in his 20’s, 30’s, maybe 40’s or beyond.

He has let raising the kids and living a life get the better of him. Oh... and by the way, more than likely he is overweight.

He is still strong but not able to maintain that strength for any amount of time.  The aches and pains have become the norm.  Category one is on a very dangerous path toward self-destruction and a point of no return.


Category 2:

EXPERIMENTER:  He works out a few times a week, but never really commits to anything.  And he easily jumps on the next band wagon.

He'll try a new diet for a week then decide it's not worth it. He waits for the next big thing to come along.

If he ever was successful, it was a yo-yo plan that was only temporary.  He put the weight back -- and then some.

While he's active, it’s not enough to gain the results and success he hopes to achieve.


Category 3:

GYM RAT: He truly loves fitness and has adopted the fitness lifestyle.  "Gym Rats" are totally dedicated to improving and want the very best-of-the best to help them reach their goals.

Makes no difference to us if they are in the CrossFit world, the bodybuilder the powerlifter, or the marathon runner or swimmer, maybe they enjoy Tough Mud Runs, Spartan Races, or even run the weekend 5k’s around their hometown.

They are focused and ready for the next challenge.