Joe Puleo

Captain, Utica Fire Dept.

“The support, accountability, and motivation you’ll get is priceless.

 If you’re going to get your training from somebody, the best in the world seems like a pretty good choice."  


Brendon Dunn

D/C Retired Utica FD

"Steve understands our job and how we must perform if we are to succeed. 

If you're entering the fire service, you need Steve Nunno in your corner."


Aaron Costello

Firefighter, Fayetteville Fire Dept.

"Give C2BFF a go!  It will be the best education you could ever hope for.

Think of it as personal training, a master class in motivation, and a coaching mentorship all in one."

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What You Should Know About Me...

My name is Steve Nunno.

I'm the owner and developer of Commit to Be Firefit.
The #1 website in the world dedicated to First Responders!


Competitive Athlete

  • 30+ year veteran strength and conditioning coach for amateur and pro athletes

  • Retired professional competitive bodybuilder and strongman

  • Placed 2nd in prestegious Police, Fire and Military "National Strongman Heavyweight 2010"


Firefighter Fitness Expert

  • 15+ year veteran in Firefighter Fitness

  • Current "Physical Fitness Coordinator" for the Utica Fire Academy

  • Considered a "National Expert" in the Candidate Physical Fitness Test

  • I currently travel the country working with Fire Departments on the CPAT

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As a Firefighter You Need to Take Your Own Fitness Seriously

You don’t have to be obsessed with your reflection.  But, you do have to take it seriously.  I've always asked the question: "If you can’t take care of yourself, how can you take care of others?"

What I’ve found is that when you take care of your body first, the rest of your life has an uncanny way of falling into place.

It's O.K. to Want It All

  • A strong, fit body

  • A passionate love life

  • A great family

  • An amazing career

And I want to make sure YOU have all of those things and more! 

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Let Me Be Upfront...

I know it's possible for you to train yourself.  However, show me a self-designed and self-directed program... and I’ll show you a program that’s set-up to fail.

In fact, one estimate puts the "self-training" failure rate as high as 98 percent.

Even if you know the right things to do, information, by itself, isn’t enough. Few of us can out-think our own bodies and brains as well as habits and patterns.

It’s too easy to talk ourselves out of whatever we try to talk ourselves into!

As Part of our Firefit Family We Hold YOU Accountable

And, we celebrate your wins!

We're also there when you need to talk about your setbacks.

Listen.... we've ALL been there.

On this journey, you definitely want someone who knows what you’re going through -- and who knows where you want to go.


Why Wouldn’t You Want Someone Like Me in Your Life?

With no apologies, I want you to know that when you work with me -- you're working with the best!

If you seriously want to achieve your goals (and maybe even more) -- then, you need to work with someone who is widely regarded as one of the world’s leading experts in firefighting coaching and training.

I Literally Wrote These Exclusive, Proprietary Programs.


Because I visit Fire Departments across the United States and Canada -- in addition to my in-person training, group training, email communications and Facebook groups, I’m in touch with more than 200,000 firefighters every year.

As a result, I am completely in-tune with the unique challenges and constraints in combination with the physical and psychological stresses that you go through.

And, let's be clear...  I’m not immune to them, I live them as well!

That is why I hope you'll spend some time on the website and browse around to see all that I have to offer!

If, after you look over the programs, you have questions or concerns you're always invited to reach out to me, personally, for a one-on-one consultation via a phone call.

We can discuss your goals and, together, design the perfect plan for you!

This consultation call is aptly named a:  Success Session. The cost is $99.  However I offer a 100% credit of the $99 toward whatever program you choose to start!

Still on the Fence..?

If you’re still on the fence... just imagine how you’ll look and feel in 6 months if you don’t do this.   Then, ask yourself if you can afford to wait.

If you keep waiting you'll simply be 6 months older than you are now.  And, further behind in your dreams and goals!

Your life, your relationships, your strength, your cardio, your appearance ... you can improve it all with just one decision. I am 100% dedicated to your success and I absolutely want you to be a part of my Fitness Family!

I'm always here for you. I certainly hope you find a program that fits your needs and give us a try!  I absolutely know you will be glad you did!  Like I said, I'm here for you!

But, YOU need to take the FIRST STEP!

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