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If You TRULY Want to Reach Your Full Potential... Commit to be Fire Fit is the most comprehensive approach toward optimal health, fitness and performance.


Steve Nunno...

  • Fitness Coordinator UFA*
  • Recognized Expert CPAT
  • 100% CPAT Passing Rate
  • Money-Back Guarantee

 Utica Fire Academy


Walks the Walk...

  • 2nd - Strongman’s Police Fire and Military Championships 2010!
  • 4-time Mr. New York - Bodybuilding Competition
  • Recognized Pro Athlete Trainer

... and Talks the Talk!

  • Motivational Keynote Talks
  • The Truth about Weight Management
  • How to Set Goals that Stick
  • How to Lose Fat Forever

Why Skills, Experience and Passion Really Matter

In today's highly competitive fitness business, most facilities are basically selling access.  A "membership" allows access to their rooms full of treadmills, stationary bikes, machines and free weights.

But, really, that's it. 

It's Called the "Access Model"

Some simply provide access for 24 hours.  Others compliment that access with doughnuts and pizzas as some sort of weird, self-defeating bonus.

In almost all current fitness business models, the "hands-on" commitment to YOU and YOUR HEALTH is almost non-existent.  As long as a member is willing to pay at least $10 per month, the access model is satisfied -- even if a member quits after just one month.   

In other words, the access model doesn't really care if you reach your goals.  The "Value Proposition" is all about access.

Access Model Personal Training

Some access model facilities offer "personal training."  But, it's typically small group training sessions, cycling classes or bootcamps.  Here again, it's selling access to pre-programmed group sessions.  It's rarely one-on-one -- much less personal. 

What It Means to Be All In

Listen.  When it comes to your success, I'm all in.   

Health, fitness and performance has nothing to do with purchasing access or buying my time.  My "Value Proposition" is YOUR RESULTSPeriod.

The Commit to Be Fire Fit Programs are laser focused on delivering a super high level of coaching and personal interaction.

In fact, only 10% of Commit to Be Fire Fit is product driven.  The rest is coaching driven.

So, if I'm all in, I expect you to be all in, too.  If you don't intend to put this content into action immediately, I would advise you NOT to buy it.

Why You Need to Be All In

Here's what I know to be true. 

At least 50% of our fire fighter and first responder industry don't really care to stay fit.  Or, if their fitness has significantly degraded, they aren’t willing to make the changes to regain their fitness levels. 

They think that somehow they will magically wake up and have it all back again, someday.  It's denial -- and they are not mentally ready to rebuild their health and fitness.

They are NOT candidates for my Commit to be Fire Fit Program.

You see, from the moment I wake up til the time I go to bed, I aspire to do things that matter. I take that approach with each and every client.  Anything less is a failed commitment.  

The firefighters, athletes and fitness enthusiasts who use my  protocol get results.  Period.

But, It's More Than That

Commit to Be Fire Fit has been a 10 year project.  It is an "experience" and more appropriately described as a "way of life."

And, to get you there, I provide motivation, accountability, inspiration and most importantly, coaching.

I’m 100% dedicated to your success!