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Welcome to the FREE 5-Day Clean Eating Fit Camp

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Give Yourself Just 5-DAYS...!

I am thrilled to be offering my exclusive FREE 5-Day Clean Eating Fit Camp!  And, I’m happy to see you making health and fitness a priority. This exciting investment in your health will leave you feeling vivacious, energized, and confident.

The purpose of this program is to help you be the best version of yourself by having laser-like focus on your health and fitness for 5 straight days. Ultimately, we plan to positively impact your life by helping you build lasting healthy habits.


It All Starts Right Here...

Like you, I realize that it all starts with your conditioning: physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

This program will touch on all of those things ensuring you’re properly conditioned for all aspects of life.

During the next 5 days I need you to really focus on your clean eating and making positive, and sometimes difficult, decisions

Your adjustments may not all happen at once, but we found it better to ultimately get this Clean Eating information out to you.   

And, then, as you proceed you can make the adjustments you feel best fit your life!  

 -  The more dedicated to the program you are -- the more successful YOU will be. -  

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FREE 5-Day Clean Eating Fit Camp Features:

Program Design:

  • Flexible Workout Schedule

  • Workout Remotely - Anywhere

  • Full Body Workouts / With and Without Equipment

  • Email Driven System with Personal Touch

  • World Class Team Support

  • Complete Healthy Habits Design

What You'll Receive:

  • 5-Day Active Movement Guide

  • 5-Day Clean Eating System - Set-up for Success

  • 5-Day Success Guide

  • Motivation and Accounability for Mind Body

  • Private Facebook Group

  • Access to me (your trainer and coach)

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You'll Receive My Exclusive Guides.... FREE!

I am so excited that you want to get started -- and so committed to your success --  that I am going to send to you my, exclusive, proprietary guides to help you navigate the next 5 DAYS and BEYOND!   All three (3) guides... absolutely FREE!


Movement Guide


Clean Eating Guide


Success Guide

Join the FireFit 5-Day Clean Eating Fit Camp!

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3 Reasons You'll Love This Program...

  • Train on Your Schedule:

    You will have everything you need to get in a great workout 5 days in a row!  Complete description of workouts with photos and explanations.  Plus, videos explaining any moves you may not be sure about!

  • 5-Day Clean Eating Meal Plan:

    Nutrition plays a critical role in YOUR success.  So, it’s crucial you fuel up on the right foods.  You'll focus on eating “natural” foods that once had a “life” like fruits, vegetables, and fish, while also abstaining from alcohol, sugars, and breads.  You can easily modify the meal plan based on your needs and desires.   But, remember, the key to this program is be the combination of “clean” eating and "consistent" exercise.

  • The BIGGEST Reason:

    Here's the biggest reason to start right now...   IT WORKS!  If you pass-up this Free 5-Day Clean Eating Fit Camp Program, we both know where you'll be in 5 days.  Exactly where you are right now!   So let's spend the next 5 days together and let's be 5 days closer to your goals! 

It's FREE..!

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Are you ready for:

 -  Increased energy

-  More clarity and focus

-  Motivation and inspiration

-  Improved mindset

-  Stronger body

-  Less body-fat!

It's FREE..!

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