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O.K. Great!

The very FIRST STEP to becoming firefighter is getting yourself into FIRE FIT SHAPE.

It's super important.  And, it's NOT easy.

I know. I know...  I've heard it all before.

Candidates tell me how they run 5k’s, 10k's and marathons.

Or, that they train 6-days a week in their local gym --

In Great Shape, But...

And, while these men and women are in great shape, it does NOT mean they're in FIRE FIT SHAPE!

Being in FIRE FIT SHAPE is a whole different protocol that tests your physical, mental and emotional limits under a stressful environment.

CPAT is the Start

Listen, before you even qualify for the academy you're required to pass the Candidate Physical Ability Test (CPAT).

This test is designed to test your abilities through specific physical challenges that mimic common situations faced by firefighters every day.

This tests your:

  • Cardiovascular and muscular endurance
  • Overall muscular strength 
  • Mental toughness

For ANYONE to think they’re ready to pass the CPAT without PREPARATION is a huge mistake.

Preparing for, and passing CPAT, is the first step in acquiring:

  • A 20+ year career profession
  • Stability for your family
  • Health insurance
  • Retirement
  • ... and, most of all the honor to serve the community in which you and your family choose to live!


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Today's fire departments no longer place importance on how many sit-ups you can perform -- or, how fast you can run -- or, how many push-ups you can complete.

Modern firefighters understand when you’re running into a burning building to save a 4-year old child...  sit-ups, push-ups and unloaded sprints are totally irrelevant.

CPAT is a better gauge for a potential firefighter's success, as well as for public safety.


CPAT is the Qualifier

As the standard entrance requirement, the CPAT test is specifically designed to qualify potential firefighters by testing their limits in a controlled environment.  

The order of the events simulates the demands of the job in the actual sequence they are likely to occur at the scene of a fire.

These are minimum requirements. If you cannot pass the CPAT test you are not physically qualified to move forward to any fire academy.

The entire test is comprised of eight different events that must be completed - in less than ten minutes 20 seconds (10:20).



CPAT Test Events

  • Stair Climb:

    Climb stairs with an additional 75 lb. simulating, turnout gear and  hose pack.

  • Ladder Raise and Extension:

    Place ground ladder at scene and extend to roof or window.

  • Hose Drag: 

    Stretch uncharged hoselines, advance lines.

  • Equipment Carry:

    Remove and carry equipment from fire apparatus to fire ground.

  • Forcible Entry:

    Penetrate locked door, breach a wall. 

  • Search:

    Crawl through dark unpredictable areas to search for victims.

  • Rescue Drag:

    Remove victim or partner from a fire building.

  • Ceiling Pull:

    Locate fire and check for fire extension.



Allow Me to Help You Pass CPAT


Stair Climb

Ladder Raise and Extension

Hose Drag 

Equipment Carry 

Forcible Entry 


Rescue Drag 

Ceiling Pull 

My name is Steve Nunno 

... and for more than 13 years I have been the Physical Fitness Coordinator for the Utica Fire Academy. 

As a nationally recognized CPAT Expert, I've traveled the country consulting hundreds of fire departments on how to train their staff -- and how best to prepare their firefighters to be Firefit!  

My job is to get cadets physically, mentally and emotionally prepared for the tasks of a professional firefighter!

I have designed a 4-week training program that will help you pass the CPAT.   

Every Step of the Way

This is not some off-the-shelf-program that you simply read and "good luck."

Nope! I’m with you every step of the way! Once you sign up the very next thing that happens is we talk.

Yup. We talk!  


My why is pretty simple...I want to learn about YOU.

If I'm going to make sure you are ready for the CPAT ...I need to talk with YOU.

Accountability is #1 in my book!

And it’s my job to Coach you through the CPAT to make sure you are not only going to pass the CPAT but Ace the CPAT!

I want the right people. The people that care! The people that want to pass! The people that want to become firefighters!

If that sounds like what you're looking for – sign up because I can’t wait to work with you!

I Guarantee It...

Guarantee!  Yes, if you don’t pass the CPAT I’ll give you your money back!  Why would I do that?  Because if you follow my plan! There is absolutely no way you will fail!

I have never had a person fail the CPAT in 12 years!  How is that for success!

So you want to be a firefighter! 

Sign-up Now!  I can’t wait to work with you!



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What Firefighters Say...


Jeff Lonczak, Firefighter

"Steve Nunno is awesome!  By the end of your training with him you will be well prepared for CPAT. He will not let you fail.."



Captain Anthony Zumpano - 33 year Professional Firefighter

"...if you want to prepare and crush the CPAT, Steve’s track record speaks for itself. ”



Dan Sheehan, Firefighter

"The Commit To Be Fire Fit online pre-academy training program helped immensely to get me prepared for the fire academy PT."



Cody Lekutis, Firefighter

"Steve put a strong emphasis on anatomy and how the body moves to get the most out of every workout while always keeping safety in mind. I’m in the best shape on my life and I can’t thank Steve Nunno enough!”